Digital Health Assistant

A digital health assistant for proactive & preventive HEALTH and SAFETY management for your loved ones.

Use CloseConnexions’ wearables and portable medical kits to keep track and manage health of your family; particularly senior citizens, women and children.

Digital Health

What We Do

CloseConnexions is a technology company that has developed a unified connected healthcare products that help patients/individuals, caregivers, physicians and provider network to monitor and manage health proactively and address safety needs during emergencies.

Our Offerings

Platform | Products | Services


We provide multiple products & services focusing on healthcare and personal safety as well as technology platforms

For Whom

Senior Citizens | Women | Children

To Whom

Our focus is to help Senior Citizens or individuals with chronic conditions, women and children in their health and safety


IOT | Wearables | Mobile Apps | Analytics


We provide our services using latest technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), Wearables, Analytics and Mobile Apps

Our Products At A Glance

CCX Dementia Care

Helps caregivers keep track of family member having Dementia using a wearable device and smartphone application.


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SmartWatch For Dementia Care - Digital Health

CCX Visually Impaired Assistant

A smart walking stick that assists visually impaired by providing them real time inputs on obstructions and helps caregivers to keep track of there whereabouts and safety


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Smart Walking Stick For Visually Impaired

CCX Post Operative Care

A medical lab grade and continuously monitoring wearable device that is used for post operative care particularly post cardiac surgery. It also keeps track of important vitals like heart rate variability (HRV), interbeat interval (IBI), blood volume pulse (BVP), temperature, electrodermal activity (EDA) in real-time for 36 hours in a single charge


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Post Operative Care

CCX Medical Home Kit

An easy to use patient-centric connected portable medical kit for patients to record vitals at the comfort of their homes. Vital readings sent to doctors or caregivers through Mobile app.


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Harnessing the power of Internet and Connected Devices

CloseConnexions’ products use the true power of Internet of Things (IoT) and connected devices by sharing real-time health information to the stakeholders as well as enable communication among the CloseConnexions’ devices to automatically take action (including notifications, emergency calls or text messages) in emergency situations.


Advisors & Mentors

Meet Our Advisors

Dr. Arvind Kasthuri
Dr. Arvind KasthuriM.D. (Comm. Med.), D.N.B (Prev. & Soc. Med.), Dip. Ger. Med.
Dr. Arvind Kasthuri is a Professor, Department of Community Health at St Johns Medical College, Bangalore. Dr. Arvind, with 30 years of rich experience in the field of Healthcare, has been contributing to the community with his rich experience and knowledge. He has Master’s Degree in Community Medicine and has been an active proponent of Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Information Portability. His paper on ‘Electronic Health Records and Information Portability: A Pilot Study in a Rural Primary Healthcare Center in India’, was published in 2014.